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Tea is Healthy, Stimulating, Diuretic and Alkaline. And contains up to 3 times less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

  1. HEALTHY: Tea leaves contain vitamins A, B and C (green teas n particular) plus K,P,PP and chlorophyll. They are rich in anti-oxidant polyphenols and fluoride.

  2. STIMULATING: Tea contains two main elements: theophylline and caffeine, whose stimulating properties are considerable. Theophylline has a marked action on the brain and central nervous system. Caffeine in tea stimulates without exciting.

  3. DIURETIC: Tea has no calories or sodium. It dissolves food fat and aids digestion, so it is suited to salt-free diets.

  4. ALKALINE: As a result of its alkalinity, tea taken in normal quantities helps prevent the acidification of the human body.

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